Generating SWIG extension


For the MATLAB extension, you need a special version of SWIG. Get it here.

git clone
cd swig
./configure --prefix=/Users/$(whoami)/local/swig-matlab/ && make -j8 && make install

The matlab interface can be built using HELICS_BUILD_MATLAB_INTERFACE in the CMake build of HELICS. This will use a MATLAB installation to build the interface. See installation


Octave is a free program that works similarly to MATLAB Building the octave interface requires swig, and currently will work with Octave 4.0 through 4.2. 4.4 is not currently supported by SWIG unless you build from the current master branch of the swig repo and use that version. The next release of swig will likely support it. It does work on windows, though the actual generation is not fully operational for unknown reasons and will be investigated at some point. A mkhelicsOCTFile.m is generated in the build directory this needs to be executed in octave, then a helics.oct file should be generated, the libHelicsShared.dll needs to be copied along with the libzmq.dll files Once this is done the library can be loaded by calling helics. On linux this build step is done for you with HELICS_BUILD_OCTAVE_INTERFACE.

C# A C# interface can be generated using swig and enabling HELICS_BUILD_CSHARP_INTERFACE in the CMake. The support is partial; it builds and can be run but not all the functions are completely usable and it hasn’t been fully tested.

Java A JAVA interface can be generated using swig and enabling HELICS_BUILD_JAVA_INTERFACE in the CMake. This interface is tested regularly as part of the CI test system.