• Install SWIG with MATLAB
  • ./configure --prefix=/Users/$USER/local/swig_install; make; make install;
  • Ensure that SWIG and MATLAB are in the PATH

Building HELICS with MATLAB extension

HELICS can be built with the MATLAB extension by enabling the BUILD_MATLAB_INTERFACE option in cmake HELICS will also need to know the location of swig with MATLAB that was built.

It can also be built without that version of swig using existing files in the repo, but this will not work if there are any library changes. After installing the mex file will be placed in the matlab folder of the install directory.

Build SWIG MATLAB source

cd ~/GitRepos/GMLC-TDC/HELICS/swig/
mkdir matlab
swig -I../src/helics/shared_api_library -outdir ./matlab -matlab ./helicsMATLAB.i
mv helics_wrap.cxx matlab/helicsMEX.cxx

Compile MATLAB extension

cd ~/GitRepos/GMLC-TDC/HELICS/swig/
mex -I../src/helics/shared_api_library ./matlab/helics_wrap.cxx -lhelicsSharedLib -L/path/to/helics_install/lib/helics/
mv helicsMEX.* matlab/

Test HELICS MATLAB extension

Run the following in two separate windows.

matlab -nodesktop -nosplash
cd ~/GitRepos/GMLC-TDC/HELICS-examples/matlab/pi-exchange

The pisender starts a broker so it may work slightly better to start that process first.

matlab -nodesktop -nosplash
cd ~/GitRepos/GMLC-TDC/HELICS-examples/matlab/pi-exchange